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8 Best Tips On How To Get Rid Of Dark Circles Under Eyes

Posted on December 22, 2017 By In Blog With disabled comments

How to get rid of dark circles under the eyes is one of the most frequently asked questions from both men and women.  Many people are also wondering if there’re any brands of eye creams formulated to treat dark circles. The problem is, with so many products to choose from, how do you know which ones contain the effective ingredients for the irritating circles?

The truth is, different brands suit different people. For instance, Xtend-Life Eye Serum is a good eye cream especially formulated to combat dark circles with very good ratings. However, it also depends on what causes dark circles in Your case.  Only have you pinpointed what causes the dark circles around your eyes can you develop a suitable routine to get rid of them.

In this post, we’d like to share with you some information about the causes of dark circles and the 10 best tips that are proven effective for dark circle treatment.

tips on how to get rid of dark circles under eyes

Dark Circles Under Eyes Causes


In most cases, dark circles are usually an inherited trait when blood vessels around the eyes are visible.  This is whay many teenagers have dark circles even they have got enough sleep.

The skin around the eyelids is the thinnest in the body.  When blood passes through the veins close to the surface of the skin, it can produce a bluish tint.  If you are inherited with transparent skin, you are likely to have dark circles under the eyes.


For most people, dark under eye circles are simply due to lack of sleep or disturbed sleep.  Excessive tiredness can cause paleness of the skin, making the blood flowing close to the surface of the skin more visible.

If you find yourself developing under eye dark circles, the first thing you can do is to catch up on your sleep and find ways to have a deeply relaxing sleep.

3. Allergies, Asthma, and Eczema

These conditions usually cause the eyes to itch and the sufferers are likely to rub or scratch the skin around the eyes leading to darker circles.

Plus any medications that cause the blood vessels to dilate can in turn cause circles under the eyes to darken. Some food allergies can also make the skin under the eyes to appear darker.

Since these are medical issue, you’ll be able to get rid of the dark circles once you have your these conditions under control.

circles under eyes treatment

4. Anemia

The lack of mineral iron in the diet, or the lack of a balanced diet, can cause also dark circles.  In fact iron deficiency is the most common type of anemia and this condition causes insufficient oxygen blood is getting to the vessel giving the blood a bluish tint.

The skin also appears paler in people with anemia making the circles even darker.  For many women, a lack of iron in the body during menstruation could also make your dark circles more prominent.

5. Age

Dark circles may become more visible and permanent with age.  With aging the skin loses elasticity due to decreased production of collagen, becomes thinner and more translucent.

6. Exessive Caffeine

Drinking too much caffeinated beverages is also one of the causes of dark circles under eyes.

7. Thyroid and Liver Problems

Dark circles under eyes can be a symptom of thyroid or liver disease.  If you don’t think the above causes apply to you, you may want to check if you have any thyroid or liver problems in order to get rid of the under eye dark circles

If you can figure out the causes of dark circles under your eyes, it would be much easier for you to get rid of them.  There are a variety of treatments for dark undereye circles depending on your condition.

We’ve researched and gathered the following 8 best tips that have been tried and proven by many people to be effective in treating dark circles.

1. Apply topical eye creams especially designed to treat dark under eye circles.  Choose eye creams formulated with effecitive ingredients such as peptides, CoQ10 and Vitamin E.

You can visit this website here to learn more about one of the best and natural anti-aging eye serums for dark circles.

2. Maintain a healthy and balanced diet with sufficient iron, Vitamin E and Vitamin K. Here are the lists of each category.

Foods Rich In Iron:

Liver, kidney, sardines, thyme ground, oat and wheat bran, wheatgerm, hazelnuts, almonds, seasame seeds, red kidney beans, spinach, watercress, lentils.

Foods Rich In Vitamin E:

Wheatgerm oil, sunflower oil, safflower oil, dry roasted peanuts, mango, spinach, tomatoes.

Foods Rich In Vitamin K:

Alfalfa, beet greens, brussels sprouts, kale, mustard greens, sea kelp, spinach, asparagus, broccoli, cabbage, lettuce, oinions, peas, parsley, fish oils, liver, plums, prunes, soy bean, yogurt.

3. Apply Vitamin E to the area under your eye. You could open up a Vitamin E capsule, apply a little oil,  and swallow the rest of the oil. This not only helps you get rid of dark circles, but also reduces puffiness around the eyes.  Vitamin E also has wrinkle prevention benefits.

4. Try Sarvangasana (also known as shoulderstand), an inverted Yoga how to get rid of dark circlesasana posture that works wonders for dark circles. Try doing this posture everyday.  As often dark circles is caused by sinusitis, this inverted posture is extremely beneficial to cleanse the nasal passage and rejuvenate the facial region.

Sarvangasana is also beneficial to improve the blood circulation and distribution of blood around the body.

5. Take a capsule of cod liver oil everyday as supplements. It helps to strengthen the eyes.

6. Mix a teaspoon of tomato juice, a few drops of lemon juice, a pinch of turmeric powder and a little flour to make a paste. Apply the paste to the under-eye area and rinse after 15 minutes.  This is one of the popular home remedies to treat and lighten dark circles under the eyes.

If you are interested to learn more about natural home remedies to treat dark circles, you can visit this website here.

7. Apply a cold, used tea bag to your eyes. You can also use cold, herbal tea leaves to your eyes for a soothing effect.

8. Apply cucumber or potato slices to your lids. Leave on for 10 minutes and rinse. Wash the eye area with cold water. This soothes tired eyes instantly, and helps boost blood circulation in the under-eye area.

We truly hope you find these information and tips helpful to get rid of the dark circles under your eyes.

dark circles under eyes treatment

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