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Age Well With The Right Nutrition, Facial Exercises And Anti-Age Creams

Posted on December 17, 2017 By In Blog With disabled comments

Wrinkles, fine lines, crows feet, sagging skin, age spots, dark circles and puffiness under the eyes are all common signs of aging.  This is a normal process we all face in life.  But is there really a way to slow down or even reverse the process naturally?  Fortunately, the answer is “yes” with the combination of three things: the right nutrition, facial exercise program, and anti-age cream.

If you’re serious about looking great and feeling healthy, consider taking these three components into your daily skin care regimen.  Let’s look at each aspect.


One of the most important skincare strategies  is providing your body with the essential nutrition.  Our skin is constantly renewing itself by generating new skin cells.  It therefore needs the necessary nurtrients to help speed up this process.  It also needs the right phytochemicals to prevent damage caused by free radicals and inflammation, two of the major causes of aging.

While there is no one magic food, here is a list of nutritious foods that can help slow down the aging process on your body as well as on your skin.  The foods listed here work in synergy with each other.  Try to include as many of these foods in your daily diets as possible.

Foods With Powerful Anti-Oxidating and Anti-Inflammatory Properties:

Extra virgin olive oil – contains high levels of mono-unsaturated fat, vitamin E and beta-carotene.  These are essential nutrients for strengthening the protective barrier of the skin.  This is why many anti-aging creams for wrinkle contain olive oil as a key ingredient.

Green Tea – contains powerful anti-oxidants to help neutralize free radicals and protect the skin from environmental harms.

Nuts and Seeds such as walnuts, peanuts, pecans, and sunflower seeds – contain omega 3 fatty acids, an essential nutrient to prevent chronic inflammation and keep the skin soft and supple.

Fish Oils – also contains high concentrations of omega-3 fatty acids and DHA that are potent anti-inflammatory agents.  Omega 3 fatty acids are commonly found in cold-water fish such as sardines, salmon, and tuna. It’s beneficial for the body and the skin health.  As an alternative, you can simply supplement your diets with Omega 3 fish oil.

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Vegetables such as broccoli, kale, spinach, sweet potatoes, and other leafy greens – are the best vegetables for overall health.  They’re rich in beta-carotene, Vitamin B2 and Vitamin C and other essential minerals.  They provide the nutrients necessary for the generation of new skin cells.

Vitamin E – well known for its strong anti-oxidant properties.  It’s very beneficial for the skin by maintaing its protective function.  And you may find that a natural aging cream usually contains Vitamin E for its anti-oxidating properties.

Fruits such as berries, grapes, pomegranate and plum –  are rich in Resveratrol, a phytochemical that is anti-oxidating, anti-inflammatory, and beneficial to the heart and blood vessels.

Facial Exercises

Facial exercise has become more and more popular as a part of the daily skin care routine for men and women.  It has proven to be an effective strategy to tighten, detoxify and de-age the facial skin.  While exercising in a gym can help firm up the muscles in our bodies, the same is true for the muscles in the face and the neck.  As the muscles on your face contract or tone, more elastic fibers are being produced.  As a result, the skin on your face firms up and becomes more supple and elastic.  Here are a few of the effective facial exercises you can try: (To see results, do these facial exercises continuously for three weeks.)

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Reduce Crows Feet – moisturize your face with your usual cream for wrinkle or massage oil, close your eyes, put your thumbs on the outer corner of your eyes, slide them upwards slowly toward your temples.  Repeat 10 times twice a day.

Tighten and Firm Up The Neck – Raise your chin and tilt it towards the ceiling until you feel the stretch in your neck.  Pucker up your lips as if you’re kissing the ceiling.  Repeat 10 times twice a day.

Open Up Drooping Eyelids – Raise your eyebrows as far up as possible.  Close your eyes and count to ten.  Repeat 10 times twice a day.

Wrinkle Cream

Using a safe and natural wrinkle cream for the face and the eyes is an important step in achieving youthful and glowing skin.  A good wrinkles cream can help replenish, repair, moisturize and protect the skin.  However, not all wrinkle creams are created equal.  To choose an effective anti-wrinkle lotion, you need to first find out what their active ingredients are and whether they are of high concentration.  You want to avoid anti-wrinkles creams that contain low levels of effective ingredients or nutrients but lots of irritants and fillers.

The top-quality anti-wrinkles creams usually contain high levels of:

Bioactive Keratin – to stimulate the re-generation of collagen, elastin and new skin cells resulting in reduced wrinkles and youthful glow.

Hyaluronic Acid – to retain moisture in the skin and also act as an adhesive agent for the collagen and elastin fibers to make your skin supple and young-looking.  It is also an effective ingredient to help reduce dark circles around the eyes.

CoQ10 – a powerful antioxidating ingredient to fight free radicals resulting in reduced wrinkles.

You can visit this website about a range of natural anti-aging skincare products here.

In conclusion, you really need to take a complete and balanced approach when it comes to skincare, especially for aging skin.  It involves dietary and exercising factors as well as using the right, nourishing creams for wrinkles that can improve the skin’s health.

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