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Best Tips For Preventing And Eliminating Eye Bags

Posted on December 20, 2017 By In Blog With disabled comments

Under-eye bags is a matter of concern especially in women who are beauty conscious.  They make your eyes lose the glow and look tired.  And it is a “drag” to be told you look tired when you’re not.  This article will cover the causes of eye puffiness and some of the best tips for preventing or reducing eye bags.

What Causes Eye Bags?

We often think under-eye bags are caused by a lack of sleep.  However, one fundamental cause may actually be gravity.   The gravitational force can weigh down your skin.  As you get older, your facial tissues may droop downward. In addition to the effect of gravity on our skin, the facial tissues around our eyes change with age.  The upper and lower eyelids are made up of skin, muscle and fat.    As we age, the muscles weaken and can’t support the skin as firmly.

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Another factor that causes eye bags is that the skin changes because when the collagen starts to degrade.  Collagen is a protein that provides support, structure and elasticity to our skin cells.  As collagen level drops, the skin start to wrinkle and sag.

One of the main culprits for eye bags is the fat under the skin and muscle.  The fat pockets around our eyes act as cushions to help protect them.  However, when we reach our 40’s or 50’s, these fat deposits can shift from the membrane.  When the membrane weakens, the fat slips and move to new places under the skin.   So eye puffiness may be caused by misplacement of the fat in some people.

Although there is no proof of a relationship between snoozing and eye bags, it seem that a lack of sleep affects the severity of the condition.

Another factor that causes or affect puffiness is eating excessive salty foods.  This causes the body to retain fluid that contribute to under-eye puffiness.

Lastly, there is a genetic factor at play as well. If your parents have under-eye bags, then chances are you probably will too.

Tips On Getting Rid Of Eye Bags

There are various remedies that people claim can at least minimize the bags.  These include folk remedies like cucumber slices, potatoe slices and green tea bags laid on top of closed eyes.  The idea is to reduce swelling and water retention.  People also use them because the cooling from the cucumbers or the natural anti-diuretic and anti-inflammatory properties in green tea might help. If you retain water under your eyes due to stress or lack of proper sleep, the above solutions may work.

So depending on the causes of eye bags, some people find these methods the fatest way to prevent eye bags, while others only see short-term results.

If you’re genetically inclined to have under-eye bags, maintaining the health of your skin, good diets, water intake, exercises and proper sleep are probably the things you can do to help play down their appearance.

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While you practice and maintain good health, using the best eye cream containing contents including antioxidants such as CoQ10, vitamins and natural ingredients such as BioActive Keratin to eliminate eye bags will provide more effective relief you are looking for.  Click here to check out this natural eye cream formulated to reduce eye bags.

Another trick that is found effective involves a simple yoga position.  It is also known as the shoulder stand.  When practicing this position, hold for about 1 minute at first and then work it up to 2, 3 and so on.  The blood flow down to your face and brain actually will over time give you the equivalent of a face lift that is beneficial in reducing under-eye bags.  Click here for a Yoga Pose Guide to practice Shoulder Stand safely.

Eye accupressure can help strengthen, stimulate the eye muscles, and get rid of under-eye bags. Press lightly near the bone of the eye socket with the ring finger. Rotate your finger in a circular motion till the area below the brow.  Move the finger downwards to the bone of the eye socket in a circular motion.   You can check out this video here to practice accupressure to get rid of eye bags.

Although we should all accept our aging gracefully, we all deserve to look at least as good as we feel.  So hopefully this article offers something of value that can help you improve the appearance of eye bags, or at least prevent them from appearing.

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