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Facial Exercises Program Review

Posted on December 23, 2017 By In Blog With disabled comments

facial exercisesDuring our research on anti-wrinkle creams, we find that many women are eagered to find a facial exercise plan, in addition to an anti-aging cream, to get rid of wrinkles, eye bags, dark circles under eyes and double chins. Many are also looking for exercises for the neck.  This is why when we come across “Carolyn’s Facial Fitness (CFF™)”, a complete and natural facial exercises program that can help imporove all of these signs of aging, we are thrilled to review it.

You can click here to visit her website.

CFF™ is a comprehensive face exercise system developed by Carolyn Cleaves, now 64 and a former teacher currently residing in the Pacific North West.  With the support of her consult-team of medical doctors and one professor in human anatomy and physiology, she has designed this program that is meant to be both user-friendly and effective.

How CFF™ Works

Like how exercising in a gym can tone the body muscles and firm up the skin, the same is true for the muscles and skin on the face.  As most of the muscles in the face are directly attached to the skin at one end and to the bone on the other, firming results can be achieved through exercises for the face.

According to Carolyn, as the muscle on the face contracts, it tones and sort of lifts the face, taking the skin with it.  At the same time, muscle fibers are being built and enlarged, giving a fuller, firmer look.

CFF™ uses face exercise to increase blood circulation to the face, allowing more oxygen and nutrients to reach the cells of the skin.  With about ten times more oxygen flowing to a contracting muscle, the old cells and toxins are flushed away through facial exercise.

The pushing and sliding motions during exercises for the face also help stimulate collagen production which in turn tighten up the skin as well as enhance tone.

What CFF™ Can Do

Based on how CFF™ works, when done correctly and consistently, these facial exercises can help:

  • get rid of wrinkles on the face
  • get rid of eyes wrinkles
  • get rid of eye bags
  • get rid of dark circles under eyes
  • get rid of double chins
  • get rid of sagging jowls
  • get rid of wrinkled and sagging necks
  • get rid of tired looks
  • lift the face
  • create a firmer face and youthful-looking complexion

Benefits Of CFF™

  • This is a natural approach to skincare so one can achieve a healthy, youthgul-looking face and complexion without any surgical or invasive procedures.
  • As the physiology of the face and neck are the same for men and women, CFF™ is suitable for both genders.
  • Each workout of the the system lasts only 15 minutes, and is therefore quite convenient to practice.

Customers Reiews For CFF™

The CFF website features close to a hundred reviews and feedbacks from real customers who have followed the system and achieved results.  Here are just a few to help you understand what kind of results you may expect to see with the program:


…(I’ve been doing) diligent exercises for 6 months! I am totally blown away from the results…I have noticed my skins moisture level is just balanced, normally very oily…My skin is just matt, fantastic. …NL line on right hand side of face which appeared deep and nasty as my cheeks lifted has just faded considerably in the last few weeks…The puckers on the side of my mouth…are really lifting and firming. The lines around my mouth have softened a lot as well…The annoying frown line is lessening…My neck and chin area feel remarkable and I didn’t even consider them to be a problem area…

Jenny N

… I received your program and started to do the full work out. … my face changed overnight. … the jowl lifter and sad face exercises really helped to smooth out my NL lines!  … I feel hopeful and happy to see its progress instead of defeated and depressed about aging…

Laurie T

(after practicing the facial exercises for 2 months) …My cheeks are noticeably lifted. …my whole eye area is more alive and firm. …the area on the sides of my mouth firming up. …more firmness under my chin. …My hairstylist, but she already thought I was 10 yrs younger…lol! One guy told me I have beautiful skin. Most of that is due to the exercises, I am sure!…

Yuan Q

…I have gone back in my age almost 10 years ago by exercising with your facial fitness! I am grateful to you and your magic exercises! How lucky I am that I found you 3 months ago. …I am going back to the face-contour I had when I was young…

Jill C

…My skin is not as oily as it usually is …Usually by noon my forehead …is an oil slick, …but I got to thinking that I bet due to the skin getting 10x more oxygen to it, it’s probably helping balance things out- AGAIN…


We believe in taking a complete and balanced approach when it comes to aging skincare.  Practicing a proven and effective facial exercise program, along with taking a well balanced diet and using a natural, nouishing wrinkle cream, is definitely essential in slowing down and reversing signs of aging.  We hope you find this review helpful.

Again you can visit CFF’s website here.

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