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What Is The Best Wrinkle Eye Cream To Get Rid Of Eye Bags

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Is the best wrinkle eye cream effective in getting rid of the bags under your eyes?  The answer is probably both “yes” and “no”.  The best eye anti-wrinkle creams should address and help improve the various signs of aging around the eyes, including eye bags.  However, reducing the appearance of eye bags should be more than just applying the best eye wrinkle creams.  There are many other things you can do to not only reduce eye bags, but also prevent or improve the appearance of dark circles, crows feet, fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes as well.

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In this article we would like to share with you some useful tips to help you achieve healthy and young-looking eyes.  After all, according to research and surveys, your eyes are the most mesmerizing feature on your face.  So don’t let your most attractive feature be ruined by the eye bags or other aging signs.

best eye cream wrinklesEye bags can really make you look stressed, even though you have got enough sleep and feel vibrant inside.  To prevent or get rid of the puffiness around the eyes, you need to have a healthy lifestyle and a good skin care routine.  Applying a natural and the best eye wrinkle cream can help but your eyes need more than that.

If you are serious about preventing or eliminating those irritating eye bags, you have to understand what causes them in the first place.  Then, you can take appropriate actions to achieve the best results.

Causes Of Eye Bags

Eye bags are a result of fluid accumulation or excessive fat tissues under the eyes when the circulation around the eyes start to slow down.  In addition, since the skin around our eyes is the thinnest compared to the rest of our facial skin, eye bags become prominent in the eye area.  Some of the common causes of eye bags include:

  • aging as a result of decreased collagen production in the skin leading to loss of skin elasticity
  • hormonal imbalance
  • fatigue or stress
  • kidney problem
  • allergies
  • eye exhaustion
  • smoking
  • excessive drinking
  • accumulation of excessive toxins in the blood stream
  • deficiency in iron

Based on these underlying causes, you can take relevant approaches to greatly improve the appearance of your eye bags naturally by adopting a proper diet, lifestyle and skin care routine.

Ways to Get Rid of Eye Bags

1. Give your body the necessary nutrients to help prevent fluid retention.  Foods rich in potassium such as bananas, tomatoes, strawberries, vinegars, and yogurt are good natural diuretics.  Green tea also has natural diuretic properties. Whole food sources including dark leafy vegetables, nuts, seeds and cold-pressed vegetable oils make very good anti-aging nutrients for the kidneys and other vital organs.  In addition, Vitamin B6 and C supplements can also help the body discharge excessive fluids.

2. Keep your body well hydrated by drinking enough water every day.  In addition to expelling the extra fluids in the body, it’s also important to provide your body with enough water to help flush out the toxins that is one of the causes of eye bags.

3. Avoid foods and drinks that may lead to fluid accumulation and toxin build-up.  Salt, soy sauce, fried foods, monosodium-glutamate-rich foods, coffe, alcohol, carbonated drinks, when taken in excess, will retain fluid in the body.  As a general rule, limit your sodium intake to less than 2,000 milligrams each day.  Also, food chemicals such as artificial additives should be avoided as much as possible as these will turn into toxins in the body.

4. Do facial exercises to improve circulation in the eye area and purge toxins from your body.  One of the exercises you can try is by gently pressing with your index fingers on the accupressure points on the sides of your nostrils.  Press these points for ten seconds and repeat five times.  This exercise is helpful in stimulating the discharge of toxins that lead to puffiness and also lightening the dark circles around the eyes.  Do facial exercises consistently, make it part of your skin care routine.  You can do it before going to bed or after applying your anti eye wrinkle cream.

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5. Use natural anti-wrinkle eye creams.  If you are wondering what is the best eye cream for wrinkles and eye bags, the general rule is look for a product that has high concentration of natural ingredients that address the causes of eye bags and wrinkles.  Some of these ingredients include:

  • peptides to help boost the production of collagen in the skin
  • bio-active keratin to stimulate the production of new skin cells
  • CoQ10 to help increase collagen and elastin production
  • anti-oxidants such as Vitamin E to reduce free radicals and collagen damage

All the these ingredients help boost production of new skincells to improve the structure and circulation around the eyes and in turn reduce the appearance of eye bags.

Keep in mind that the better quality eye wrinkle creams should not only be effective, but also safe and will not cause harm to your health.  Because what you apply to your skin will ultimately enter your blood stream, you want to make sure that the ingredients contained in your eye creams for wrinkles are natural and free from toxic chemicals.

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We hope you find the information covered in this article helpful.  Don’t let your eye bags steal the charm from your eyes.  Let your eyes shine by taking care of your body as a whole!

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