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Xtend-Life Eye Serum Review – Eye Cream To Reduce Eye Bags

Posted on December 21, 2017 By In Blog With disabled comments

Many women are deeply bothered by the appearance of eye bags as this is perhaps the best eye cream to reduce eye bagsmost irritating condition that affects your look.  They make you look more tired and older than you really are.  This is why so many women are searching for the best eye cream to reduce eye bags.  Unfortunately, many are left disappointed as not all products deliver the results they claim.  We have researched and studied dozens of products on the market and come across an eye cream that we think is worthwhile to do a review on.  We hope this Xtend-Life Eye Serum review offers helpful information to help you find the right and the best eye cream for eye bags.

You can visit their website about this eye cream here.


Xtend-Life Eye Contour Serum is manufactured by Xtend-Life Natural Products (Intl) Ltd. in New Zealand.  The Company is a research-based manufacturer of high-end proprietary health supplements and skin care products.

In 2007 Xtend-Life expanded its R&D team and manufacturing facilities to develop a new, natural range of skin care products that work for both men and women.

What Xtend-Life Eye Serum Can Do

Xtend-Life believes that a good anti-aging eye cream should be able to address various conditions normally associated with the aging skin around the eyes instead of just one problem.  So their serum is designed to help:

  • reduce eye bags and dark circles
  • remove delicate eye wrinkles
  • prevent further eye aging

What Key Ingredients Does It Contain

Xtend-Life’s eye serum contains 10 selected ingredients that are proven in clinical studies to reverse the signs of aging around the eyes.


One of the key ingredients in the serum is their patented Eyeliss created with advanced peptide technology.  So Eyeliss is in essence peptides or protein fragments which are a vital part of the skin and it affects collagen production.

Eyeless works by targeting the fluid build-up underneath the skin which is the main cause of eye bags.  It aso helps decrease capillary permeability, improve the lymphatic circulation under the eyes, and improve firmness and elasticity.  This is why in addition to reducing eye bags, dark circles under the eyes are also reduced in 4 to 8 weeks according to their clinical trials.

And based on a clinical study of Eyeliss, 65% of users showed a significant reduction in eye bags within 28 days and 62% showed a marked reduction in eye wrinkles.


Another unique ingredient is their patented Haloxyl which is also proven to reduce eye bags as well as dark circles.  Haloxyl is combined with Eyeliss to creat a synergy effect that leads to more powerful results.

Haloxyl works by targeting the accumulation of hemoglobin and other toxins in the skin under the eyes, which cause eye bags and dark circles.

You can visit their website about this eye cream here.

Homeo Age

Homeo Age is a unique extract from a brown alga grown in Canada.  It contains various vitamins and anit-oxidants and has shown anti-aging effects including the reduction of wrinkles around the eyes.

Homeo Age also has the benefits of stimulating cellular growth and rejunvenating skin cells at the molecular level.


Xtend-TK contains bio-active keratin which is similar to the basic protein in skin cells.  Based on clincial trials, this patented ingredient helps stimulate the regeneration of collagen and elastin as well as new skin cells.

It also works as a moisturizer that penetrates deeply into the skin and create a barrier to prevent moisture loss. 

Nanobelle Coenzyme Q10

This ingredient is manufactured in nano-emulsion form which means that it can penetrate deeply through the layers of the skin.  Q10 is a well known, powerful antioxidant to reduce free radicals, prevent skin damage and achieve anti-wrinkle effect.


Babassu is a natural emollient that helps soften the skin around the eyes

Crodomol CAP

Crodomol CAP is also an emollient to protect the skin from dirt and pollutants.

Natural Vitamin E and Active Manuka Honey

Vitamin E is known for its antioxidant and anti-aging effects.  Manuka honey is a unique honey from New Zealand containing special enzymes and antioxidants.  It has scientifically-proven healing properties for the skin and helps to restore and rejuvenate the skin.

You can visit their website about this eye cream here.


Xtend-Life is an established brand that is quite well known for its solid research capabilities and advanced technology.  Compared with other brands of eye creams, Xtend-Life Eye Contour Serum has specially selected, natural ingredients of much higher quality, more tiny molecule sizes, and higher concentration. We believe these are some of the important criteria in choosing the best eye cream.

Based on the above findings and their cutomer reviews and feedbacks, we would highly recommend this eye cream to help reduce eye bags as well as other issues related to aging skin around the eyes.

Again, you can visit their website about this eye cream here.

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